*** Due to overwhelming responses, we regret to inform you that we are not accepting new queries/application as of 12pm on 1 Apr 2020, so that we can start processing those that are already sent in. We apologize for this. We are sourcing for more donors, so that we can open up again to more requests. For those with faulty computers that can be repaired, we advise you to contact us and we will assist, separately from the free computer giveaway effort. We will provide the contact details for repairs queries as soon as possible. ***


SGBono computers for low-income families – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Is this real, does it have strings attached?

It is real. You have to have a valid (not expired) CHAS Blue card, and you have school-going kid(s) who have a need for computers/tablets for home-based-learning (HBL). We will also require a written commitment from the parent(s) to hold on to the computer(s)/tablet(s) for at least two years, to make sure the said student does indeed benefit from the donation.


2) Why does SGBono ask about my home fibre broadband subscription?

For HBL, you will need internet connection. Without a home fibre broadband connection to internet, the computer is useless. You should not use mobile data for this HBL, because it will end up costing you more in your phone bill than the cost of buying a brand new computer. If you are in such a situation, we recommend that you apply for new computers and free broadband services under IMDA’s NeuPC Plus scheme instead (qualifying criteria is household income criteria is <=$3400 and PCI is <=$900, with school-going children).


3) What school levels of students qualify?

Kindergartens and lower primary levels have simpler graphics-based content, which can be done on smartphones which most parents have. Priority will be given to higher primary school students and above.


4) How to apply?

We have overwhelming responses for this round, so we ask that you provide a summary of your situation for us to assess more quickly:

  • a) full name
  • b) confirm have CHAS Blue, and expiry date
  • c) confirm have home fibre broadband, and contract expiry date
  • d) confirm whether you are currently recipient under NeuPC Plus or Home Access Programme
  • e) kid’s school levels
  • f) currently what computer/laptop do you have, do they need repairs?

Once we have verified the eligible families, we will contact each of them via Whatsapps for the application and collection.


5) “My son/daughter has HBL this Friday, 3 Apr 2020. Can you get this to us by then?”

Application and distribution will continue beyond 3 Apr 2020, given the number of computers involved. Please do not demand that you receive the computer by such or such a date – we are all unpaid volunteers with day jobs, and we will do our best to help everyone equally, and as fast as we can.


6) Do you donate to homes, welfare organizations etc?

We issue computers directly to eligible low-income families. In the process, we also provide advice and counselling to help families save money on their IT and communications costs (e.g. by using fibre broadband at home instead of mobile data), make better use of what they already have (e.g. we help them repair their computers, achieve better Wi-Fi speeds at home), and to obtain free or low-cost computers/fibre broadband services from government. We consider these services and advice as more important to low-income families than just giving them free computers and then leave them alone to their own devices.


7) What services does SGBono provide?

Our website at http://sgbono.org has the full details. In summary, we provide 100% free help with repairs of IT products (you only pay for the replacement parts, at cost), give advice on how you can reduce your spendings on IT and communications products/services and optimize what you already have, and guide you in applying for government schemes for subsidized computers and broadband internet services.