To fight the spread of covid, we had put in place a set of SOP for our volunteer drivers to follow. Please cooperate with us. Below are the set of SOP for our driver:

  1. Absolute no physical contact with the donor
  2. Driver to wear a mask and disposable glove before any collection.
  3. Stand at least 3M away and call the donor when at door and ask the donor to place item outside of the door
  4. Only when the donor closes his gate and is away from the door then our driver is allowed to collect the item.
  5. Donors to write email address within the package. 
  6. Driver to alcohol wipe all equipment before putting into a vehicle
  7. Once collected and placed in the boot, driver to dispose of the disposable glove properly

- - - - - - - - - -

“I can’t help but....”

You can’t provide help in person but you have used equipment that are sitting idle in storage, which you are willing to give free to needy families? Splendid! Please indicate, below, your contact info and the equipment you are giving away. If our volunteers find a family that has need for your item, we will then pass to you their contact details. You can then arrange with them for collection/delivery of the equipment, and you will get a heartfelt Thank-you from them directly!

Guidelines for useful items:
- all computers, using any operating system, desktop or laptop or all-in-one or tablets
- any smartphone capable of Wi-Fi and running Whatsapp, regardless of age and cosmetic condition
- network equipment such as Wi-Fi routers, repeaters, switches, cables
- printers with working toners
- peripherals such as keyboards, mouse, speakers, etc.

Please make sure that the devices you give to the needy are in functional state, even if they may look used or have cosmetic blemishes. Our volunteers may be able to do minor repairs, so do tell us if some repair or reconditioning is needed.