(1st July 2021)
Together with East Coast GRC, SGbono is pleased to announced the following drop off points for your used devices.
Do help us to share the word around.
Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy!



(19th June 2021)
SGBono is excited to announce that we are working with East Coast GRC to:
  1. Host Tech Saturdays (2nd Saturday of every month) at Heartbeat@Bedok
  2. Help families and elderly from the lower income group with their tech issues.
  3. Organise tech workshops during Tech Saturdays, stay tuned for more info on the upcoming workshops.
How you can play a part!
  1. We have a list of collection points for the donation of laptops to us. Stay tuned for more info on the locations. Alternatively, drop us an email at
  2. If you are keen to volunteer for Tech Saturdays, PM or email us and we will be in touch!

Read the ST artricle:

Watch the recorded FB live:


If your primary school going kid that need a laptop/desktop for his/her study and your family had the Chas Blue card and would like a FREE REFURBISHED device, read on.

  1. Only for Chas Blue card family
  2. If you have only 1 kid, please apply for NeuPC  first. We need prove of rejection from NeuPC before we will access your application with us.
  3. Application is not on 1st come 1st serve basis.
  4. Application might takes months to process.
  5. Applicants cannot choose form factor and specifications of machine.
  6. All successful applicants will be contacted by either phone or email.
  7. SGBono will never ask for donation or cash from any applicant.

If you agreed to the above terms, pls proceed to fill up our application form here:

In 2020, during the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker, we had a successful HBL campaign, distributing more than 400 computers to students from low-income families.
Overall in 2020, we collected, reformatted, refurbished, repaired and issued out more than 600 devices.

Our Services are totally free ...

We provide FREE services to LOW-INCOME families in Singapore. We have no means to verify your low-income status, but neither do we want to cut out those who may have genuine needs (e.g. better-off finanically but don't know what wifi router to buy). We therefore appeal to your sense of propriety, to not take unfair advantage of our volunteers. Leave us free to help those who cannot afford costly repairs or professional advice.


Free devices (For HBL)

Free refurbished devices for your primary school kids HBL.

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IT product repair

Our volunteers will help to troubleshoot and repair the IT product.

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Advice on how to reduce IT spending

We will give advice on how you can reduce your IT and communications spending and make better use of what you have.

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Grant application

We can recommend and help you apply for assistance from the government or social organizations.

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The kampong spirit ...

We are all volunteers, we do not charge you a single cent for our services and and we have no bias for any product and service vendor that we may recommend to you. Our recommendations will be made strictly based on your needs. We do not collect commission or benefit in any way from the purchases that you make.