SGBono is a registered society with Registry Of Societies, Singapore  [UEN: T18SS0174F] since 21st Nov 2018.

We are a group of volunteers in Singapore, comprising engineers, IT experts, power users, enthusiasts. We want to give back to society, by providing 100%-free help to LOW-INCOME families in solving their IT, communications issues.

We also provide simple advice on procuring the appropriate devices and services contracts (broadband, mobile, data), and obtaining  government financial assistance where they qualify. We have volunteers all over Singapore, and we will provide appropriate response based on your location.

We are all volunteers, we do not charge you a single cent for our services and and we have no bias for any product and service vendor that we may recommend to you. Our recommendations will be made strictly based on your needs. We do not collect commission or benefit in any way from the purchases that you make.


Our Mission

To provide benevolent assistance to needy families

To help them obtain and maximise the use of IT to improve their lives.


2021 / 2022 SGbono Executive Committee Structure

2021 / 2022 SGbono Executive Committee Members


Jackson Lim, President / Co-Founder

Jackson is currently working as the Head of Technology in a Fintech company and had being an active volunteer for the past 20+ years.

He started his volunteer journey at the age of 20, helping out at various old folk home. His love for motorsports had make him volunteered for every Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore since the inaugural  year in 2008 as a senior official.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems and Computer Science) from NUS.


Ng Cheng Hwa, Secretary / Co-Founder
CA( Singapore)

Cheng Hwa has served public services for a total of 19 years. He has helped to digital transformed the Government services and ensured public accountability of the government agencies.

He holds a Master of Professional Accounting and a Bachelor of Degree in Computer Engineering.


Ally Yow, Treasurer
CPA (Aust)

Ally has a total 13 years of comprehensive experience in financial, risk, compliance, and operations management. She is highly skilled in managing business risks and in deterring financial crimes. She has also managed a full spectrum of finance and accounting functions.

Ally has previously worked in Butterfield, BOS Trustee, DBS Trustee, HSBC Trustee, Johnson & Johnson and Deloitte.

Ally holds a Bachelor of Business and Commerce, major in Accounting, Business Law & Taxation from Monash University Malaysia.


Felicia Seah, EXCO Member (Administrative/Communication)

Felicia is responsible for operations and project management as the Director of Operations for Esse Pi. In addition to assisting the CEO in fund raising, she built the software business focusing on Image/Video AI applications in the public sector. Prior to that she was with SG Enable, a local non-profit agency dedicated to empowering persons with disabilities. She was the PM overseeing the construction of the internal spaces within Enabling Village. She was also the PM who designed and built TechAble, an Assistive Technology Showcase to create outreach and education on AT for persons with disabilities.   Felicia began her technology career with the IDA where she promoted the adoption of technology among SMEs and also fostered local innovation by supporting innovative local technology companies through government grants. Felicia has been an active volunteer since her youth, and is very passionate about leveraging technology in the social service sector.


Benedict Lee, EXCO Member (Technical)

Benedict is currently a student studying for a Computer Engineering Degree in NTU, and a student leader in NTU's Earthlink Club.

From a young age, he was interested in learning how things work. As his family could not always afford to buy, he learnt how to fix things around home under his father's guidance.

This turned into his passion in electronics and technology as he grew up. He began learning how to build his own electronics projects and subsequently computers using discarded electronic parts.

Through providing freelance computer repair services during school breaks, he gained experience and developed techniques to help people solve their IT problems.

He has also previously volunteered with Red Cross Youth as a teenager and served as a student leader during his polytechnic studies.


Alvin Teo, EXCO Member (Logistic/Operation)

Alvin is currently working as a real estate division director. Prior to that, he spent 10 over years as an IT hardware engineer with Hewlett Packard in their server division. His love to dismantle and fixed IT & electronic gadgets had made him sign up with us as a volunteer since the beginning.

Since his teens, whenever he is free, he will help out with various religious charity organisations especially those that involved old folks and single parenthood.




VACANT, EXCO Member (Sponsors/Volunteers)


2021 / 2022 SGbono Appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO)


Mike Lepw, DPO

Mike is a Privacy Professional with experience in both the private sector and as a regulator.Mike serves as the IAPP Asia Advisory Board member from 2019-2021. He is also the vice chair for the ISACA Singapore Special Interest Group Data Privacy.   Mike is the privacy compliance leader for Alibaba Cloud for Asia operations, where he is the main point of contact for privacy advisory for Asia. He also improved the Privacy by design process in Alibaba Cloud. He led the following privacy projects (Cookies, APEC CBPR/PRP and other privacy certifications).

While he was with Grab, he set up the Privacy Engineering team where he infused privacy into the company that operates across South East Asia as well as the Research and Development Centres located in China, India and the US. He brings Privacy by Design concept into the company and develops Privacy related tools to reduce the company privacy risks.

Prior to his private sector roles, Mike spent 4 years with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission as an Investigation Officer, where he investigates data breaches and provides recommendations on companies involved in data breaches. Mike is also the Technical investigator who performed technical assessment on these company’s security arrangements to protect their personal data. He was also a member of the “Data Protection Office”, where he carried out the data flow mapping exercise for the commission.

Mike was the first 500 Fellow of Information Privacy conferred in early 2017. He is also a certified CISA, CISM, CDPSE, CIPM, CIPT, and CIPP/A. He is also the exam setting for IAPP’s CIPT and ISACA’s CDPSE. He holds a Bachelor Degree in information technology and a Master of Science in Information Studies.