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We are honoured to be reported by so many different media and grateful to be able to help the society.

Digital for Life Festival draws encouraging support from Singaporeans

28 MAY 2023

More than 80,000 Singaporeans have pledged their support to help vulnerable groups gain digital access and connectivity through the Data for All initiative launched on May 21 at the Digital for Life Festival.

Coordination between social service agencies can improve digital inclusion for seniors: Josephine Teo

3 FEB 2023

Social service agencies should work together better and pool resources to help vulnerable groups access digital technologies – and setting up a central online portal for agencies to share information could help with that, social workers said.

Giving Partners

19 NOV 2021

Over the span of four weeks in the season of giving, SMBC employees across Asia Pacific are encouraged to make a pledge, and share stories of their personal acts of kindness.

Lebih 80 pelajar madrasah terima komputer riba diperbaharui hasil kerjasama SG Bono dan MUIS

31 AUG 2021

Sebanyak 83 penuntut madrasah daripada keluarga berpendapatan rendah menerima komputer riba yang diperbaharui. 

East Coast Digital Learning Day - Recorded FB live

19 JUN 2021

Thank you for joining us for the first part of the East Coast Digital Learning Day this morning. If you missed it, you can watch the replay of the live session on the Heartbeat@Bedok FB Page or in our previous post. Now, on to the next exciting part of today’s programme

East Coast GRC to help underprivileged, less savvy residents go digital

19 JUN 2021

Launched on Saturday (June 19), the East Coast Digital Blueprint aims to broaden access to equipment like computers, improve the digital literacy of seniors and help heartland businesses expand their online presence.

Speech by Minister Desmond Lee at the Dentons Rodyk Dialogue 2020

25 SEP 2020

By partnering with industry and community self-help groups, IMDA provided them with subsidised PCs, and options for free fibre and mobile broadband. Other NGOs and civil society organisations such as Engineering Good, SG Bono and ReadAble also donated and refurbished laptops for these families to enhance their digital connectivity.

Talking Point 2020/2021 - S1E5: Can My Child Really Learn From Home?

10 MAY 2020

Home Based Learning has finally come to an end. What worked? What didn’t? Diana Ser tracked three families across a span of nearly four weeks, to find out if our kids can really learn from home.

A Joint Effort to Provide Laptops for Students from Low Income Families

24 APR 2020

Tzu Chi Singapore has partnered with several organisations to launch a fundraising campaign to provide laptops and Chromebooks for students from low income families and upgrade their wifi so that they can study without disruption at home.

In troubled times, every contribution helps

22 APR 2020

When schools shut down in Singapore in April, it immediately created a problem with some low-income households which were short on laptops. Dennis Too, our regional IT administrator, wanted to help.  He started an initiative to donate our unused laptops to these families in need, through a non-profit organization SGBono (Singapore Pro Bono Volunteers).

阻断措施收紧须暂停运作 SG Bono赶送电脑给弱势学童

28 APR 2020

随着政府加强病毒阻断措施,把回收电脑改装后免费送给有需学生的非盈利组织SG Bono也得暂停工作,会在今天期限内把其余的电脑送到学生手中。

Covid-19: Charities and social services that need your donation during this time of crisis

15 APR 2020

Sgbono: Started by a group of engineers, IT experts and enthusiasts, Sgbono focuses on providing IT support through free repairs, donated hardware or software, and providing assistance for grant application. Any computer, smartphone, network equipment, printers and peripherals in working condition are accepted.

Volunteers rush to deliver laptops to families in need before full home-based learning kicks in

08 APR 2020

“Whatever happens, education is still important.” Ground-up groups in Singapore are calling out for laptop donations so that students can carry out home-based learning at home.

Donate Your Spare Laptops & PCs To Help Low-Income Families With Their Children’s Home-Based Learning

03 APR 2020

SGBono (Singapore Pro Bono Volunteers) is a volunteer group in Singapore that aims to help this overlooked group of people. With SG schools turning to home-based learning, they are giving out computers and tablets to low income families* who need them – completely FOC.

S’pore Volunteer Group To Give Free Devices To Low-Income Families, So Their Kids Can Learn From Home

31 MAR 2020

Singapore volunteer group SGBono is offering free computing devices in the form of laptops and iPads to low-income families.

வசதிகுறைந்த குடும்பத்தைச் சேர்ந்த குழந்தைகளுக்கு இலவசமாகக் கணினி வழங்கும் SGBono

31 MAR 2020

வசதிகுறைந்த குடும்பத்தைச் சேர்ந்த குழந்தைகளுக்கு இலவசமாகக் கணினி வழங்கும் SGBono