Free devices (For HBL)

Free refurbished devices for your primary school kids HBL.

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IT product repair

Our volunteers will help to troubleshoot and repair the IT product.

Advice on how to reduce IT spending

We will give advice on how you can reduce your IT and communications spending and make better use of what you have.

Grant application

We can recommend and help you apply for assistance from the government or social organizations.

IT product repair

You have computers, smartphones, internet routers, but they no longer work perfectly or at all, but you can't afford the prices of the repair shops, or you don't know where to get help. The problem can be due to broken hardware, or it just needs some tweaking and reconfiguration. Our volunteers can help: we are professionals and engineers who have good IT knowledge, are adept at using and servicing such equipment, and we will also explain what we do so that you can maintain the equipment on your own.

Advice on how to reduce IT spendingAdvice

Our volunteers will try to understand the full scope of your IT and communications needs, your monthly expenditures for mobile phone and Internet contracts (the info will not be recorded or shared outside of the support call), and make recommendations on the most cost-effective and suitable solution for you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we need your help to ensure that we can customize our recommendations correctly.

Should you buy new equipment or repair existing ones? We will assess the repair costs (we will do free repair for you if possible) and replacement costs, and the pros and cons of the new vs old equipment, to help you make the best decision. For purchases, you may get the devices or repair parts on your own (we will guide you), or we can purchase for you — in the latter case, we ask that you reimburse the volunteer at cost (shop receipts will be provided).

Grant application

There are various government schemes available for low-income families, e.g. Community Health Assist (CHAS) scheme, NEU PC Plus scheme, that provide substantial subsidies for health costs and PC purchases for school children. Many families are apprehensive or ignorant about applying for such aids. We will explain the schemes and their application processes. If you require it, we will also help you do the application submission.